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Professional History

My Work Experience

Immunization/ Lab Assistant

VCU Student Health

Nov. 2015- Current

  • Explained immunization requirements to students.

  • Performed various tests on human specimens. 

  • Interpreted laboratory results and shared findings with physicians and other clinical staff. 

  • Checked, scanned and entered sensitive documents and results into computer database.

Resident Assistant 

VCU West Grace North

June 2017- current

  • Provided paraprofessional advising to undergraduate students in an international residential environment. 

  • Developed and conducted programs on diversity, chemical abuse, personal development, relationships, security, and academic performance. 

  • Managed administrative tasks and enforced college policy.

  • Acted as a liaison between residents and Department of Residence Life

Undergraduate Teaching Assistant

VCU Focused Inquiry Department

Spring Semester 2016

• Facilitating students engagement and learning in the course. 
• Modeling behavior for students in order to help maximize success in students college course. 
• Planned and led lessons, brainstormed and implemented effective ways of instructing students.

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