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VCU Globe

In my time at VCU, I have had the privilege of being apart of the living and learning community West Grace North. The community is dedicated to global education and that shined throughout my time there. I have had the opportunity to learn curriculum geared towards increasing cultural competency and agility, engage with people from all over the world inside and outside of the classroom and meet lifelong friends. I have learned how to navigate within and between global communities in professional and personal contexts. For example, professionally, through this program  I volunteer for an adult ESOL class in Henrico. Helping people from all over the world learn English, in many ways is like my life coming full circle, as I did not speak English when my family first moved here. When I applied for this program, I had no idea how big of an impact it would have on my life. Being in a community that is not only diverse but, very inclusive has helped me realize how passionate I am in having that wherever life takes me. My love for diversity, leadership skills and overall global awareness has greatly increased from being in this program.

Missionary Work

I have also had the privilege of travelling through my father's church, Divine Word International Ministries. In the past two years, I have fellowshipped in Israel, Germany and London.

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