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#BVPM Bible Verses people misinterpret- Hosea 4:6

People using Hosea 4:6 "my people are destroyed from lack of knowledge." out of context is very ironic because they will use it to describe worldly knowledge- look around you there is no lack of worldly knowledge, your phone has more computing power than the power NASA used to send the first man to the moon- you are not destroyed because you did not go to college or take that course or pay for that advice- Hosea's whole message was talking about the unfaithfulness of the people TO GOD. Yet people will use it to say that God was saying you perish because you don't have worldly knowledge- that is literally the antithesis of the whole point of Hosea which is they were playing the harlot and looking for all types of knowledge outside of and WITHOUT God. You will be destroyed- not in your business, not in these worldly things- but, eternally! It doesnt matter how good the food of the world looks- it has cockroaches in it. Its polluted. It doesn't matter how good it sounds without knowledge OF THE FATHER it is a complete and total waste.

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