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I wish that the internet was not a thing. Is that selfish? I miss reading a handwritten note, searching for directions on map quest and visiting my friend in their time of need instead of commenting a sad face on a status. I liked when I couldn't call you after 6 pm because that's when my free calls ended. I liked memorizing my best friends phone number. I liked waiting in anticipation for my mom to get home instead of asking her wya- I liked having to drive to three different stores before I was able to grab the last book off the shelf. I like trying on clothes in the mall. Remember when a thread was for needles and not commentary? I liked rules and timings and human interactions and efforts having to be made. This world has become very effortless. And when things are effortless people get lazy.

You know how plastic surgery started out being about fixing broken noses and reconstructing trauma patients? And now it's about bbls and being more "attractive". That's how I feel about the internet. It started out as- lets make life easier. Let's allow people to communicate with loved ones who are far away and let's make information more accessible. And now it's become children knowing how to unlock iPad before they know how to read and google images being created so people could see JLO's dress.

Most good things turn to spoil and self promotion in human hands. I think technology is cool. I mean I'm here typing this on a laptop connected to wifi on a blog I've constructed on my website. How flagrant of me to critique things in which I partake and benefit from. However, I think one can benefit from something and still recognize the underlying maleficence of it. We weigh the evils of cyberstalking and indoctrination and say that they do not hold a candle to the privileges of one day shipping from amazon and avoiding the grocery store. Indeed, the internet is a privilege. Yet, even the word privilege contains the word vile.

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