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Sun Shine

I like waking up before the Sun

And waiting for Him to arise

A daily battle have I won

To feel His rays beam in my eyes

I eagerly prep my day before Him

I am ironing and cleaning and skating

I'd rather forsake sleep and arrange

Than to keep my Date awaiting

Quite a task it be to see You

Quite a task to stay still and wait

Quite a shame it would be without Him

Quite a blow when I am late

Everyday He shows up

Different times but He is there

Not a single day has passed

Where my Sun has not been here

To wake up and feel You on my skin

Makes my heart sing with cheer

To never worry or feel alone

Because my Sun is always near

Darkness is cold and consuming

Plans can sometimes go awry

But, when I remember that soon my Sun will shine

Happy tears only shall I cry

On the precipice of giving up

Riding the coattails of my fear

I remember my Sun and our promise

I remember He is near

Never has He failed me

Even if I can't see Him, He is there

And if I miss Him for a while

I'll touch my heart for He is here

And if one day I fail thee

And onto You my eyes fail to glance

You patiently await me

Every day is a new chance

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