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#TITA Today I'm Thinking About

Today I remembered one of the many kindnesses God showed me. How frequently does the devil remind us of the bruises life has given us. How often do we dwell and relive the sad moments and the anger we have felt. How much better would we be and feel if we remembered the good and the happiness and the mercies we have received.

I pray God continues to remind us all of His kindness- it is so much easier to walk in strength and open the eyes of our hearts when we remember and thank God for what has already be done.

So. Today I am reminded about my university's chik fil a. One morning I was in line, treating myself to a chicken biscuit combo. The lady in front of me went to pay for her order and they told her they were not taking credit cards. She told them she had no cash and the cashier gave her that look of "welp lady, bye then" lol. I stepped up and offered to pay for her. "Oh, I couldn't accept that", she said. "I insist", I said as I paid for her food. She smiled so brightly and asked me my name was, as if she was Daddy Warbucks (haha). I was a little thrown off at the tone in which she asked for my name. It was as if she was about to change my life. I was waiting for John Kenyonis from what would you do to pop out. My school has an open campus- so frequently, you will see a lot of locals and passerbys -especially, at ChikFilA. I only noticed the lady's polished high heels and executive demeanor as I shook her hand and told her my name.

She proceeded to tell me she was the director of residential services and if I ever needed anything I should call her. The director of residential services is in charge of all the housing on our campus. I smiled and told her that I had actually just been hired as an RA- so she was technically like my CEO. She was very pleased to hear that. We chatted and laughed a bit and then she left.

Fast forward to my career as an RA, it was not all sunshine and rainbows. And to be frank I dropped the ball more than a few times but- in my defense the "ball" was also being thrown at my head and it made it very difficult to catch. It is very difficult to catch a ball when the other party is not throwing it to meet you where you are at. Literal headshots were being thrown at me guys. But, what do you do when life is taking headshots at you? You bob and weave, my love. Just bob and weave. Even my first day on the job was very "welcome to my parlor, said the spider to the fly". To be very clear, I was the fly lol. But, we can get into the details of that in another post. Nevertheless, y'all I felt like I was trapped in the freezer of the dessert aisle of your local grocery store. Because A) the environment could be very cold and B) it was def a rocky road. And back to the ball metaphor, things quickly derailed from a game of catch to a game of dodgeball. Within the first month or so I went from at least attempting to catch the balls to bobbing and weaving to match the energy of the new game I found myself in. Yet, I was never fired. People were fired for much much less in my opinion. But, somehow someway my rocky road did not come to an end.

I remember telling myself I had an angel looking out for me. Of course God was making moves as always. But, I sometimes wonder if my ChikFIlA CEO may have put in a good word on my behalf. Maybe she did and maybe she didn't. But its nice to think that $7 at ChikFilA could have butterflied into a year of free housing with pay. How nice that God would put me in line behind my CEO. Everything is working for your good my darling, whether you believe it our not. What little kindness can you show today? I promise you it will come back.

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