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Lab Assistant

VCU Student Health

Nov. 2015 - current

I started working for VCU Student Health as an Immunization Assistant my freshman year. My tasks included addressing student concerns, scanning and filing immunization records and helping organize and run various immunization clinics around campus. Through this position, I learned a lot about immunizations but, I also learned a lot about the importance of time management, record keeping and having strong communication skills. In fall 2016, I was promoted to a lab assistant. In this job, I learned how to perform a variety of tests on human specimens, interpret and efficiently communicate lab results with physicians and other providers and find balance in a high stress, quick paced work environment. 

Work Experience Reflections: CV

Resident Assistant

West Grace North

 May 2017 - current

Being a resident assistant has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life thus far. From providing paraprofessional conflict resolution to working with group dynamics on a staff of 10 people, creating a safe, inclusive living environment for my residents has definitely been a learning experience. Juggling a full course load with planning 8 programs throughout the semester (on a budget) , 9 meetings a month, monthly informative bulletins boards, bi-weekly duties and various other tasks has made me an expert at prioritizing, planning and thinking on my feet. Being an RA has instilled in me the importance of being adaptable and able to improvise. This experience was only heightened by residing in West Grace North, which is home to many international exchange students. At any given time we have a new influx of students either visiting or leaving from all around the world and I love being able to have a  role in fostering connections between them and VCU, as well as, between them and the students who are here permanently. On my floor alone, there are students from China, Australia, Rwanda and India! 25 of the 45 students I am responsible for are not only transitioning into college life but, transitioning into life in America as well. Acting as a liaison for them and learning to overcome age and cultural differences with such a diverse group of people has not only increased my cultural competency, but, it has also made me a more effective communicator.

Undergraduate Teaching Assistant

VCU Focused Inquiry Deprtment

Spring 2016

Going in to this experience I was very intimidated, as, I was only a freshman and I was teaching people who were my age and older.The class I assisted for was comprised of mostly exchange students from everywhere ranging from Saudi Arabia to Spain. Connecting with them through their cultures, and seeing how their diverse backgrounds played such an abysmal role in their lives lead me to want to further foster communities and be apart of developing and advocating for initiatives in which people from all life sets are facilitated, feel included and comfortable.

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