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My Stream

When I read of You in the Pentateuch

Of how when Moses departed from You he would shine

I thought of how much an encounter with You

Could set my soul in line

The mighty Lord, the Prince of Peace

The flood, the cloud, the rain

So often when I looked for You

In grand gestures I thought You would remain

Yet, to Elijah Your voice came in a whisper

So soft and like a stream

To Samuel as he lay for sleep

To Solomon in a dream

Before when I sought for you

My heart could not find its tame

For I searched for you in the major things

The flood, the cloud, the rain

A sacrifice I could never tally

A cross, thorned crown and pain

My Saviors blood shed merciless

No more floods, no more clouds, no more rain

Now Father when I seek for you

In my own heart shall I search

For Your words are inscribed upon my soul

And on my countenance You perch

The mighty Lord, the Prince of Peace

My beginning and my end

The light I searched for was always with me

For thou art truly a merciful Friend

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